Our Inspiration

You are not a number, you are a person with unique needs, dreams and abilities

Ability Connect is a privately owned organisation with a dedicated team of disability support experts, who have been on their own personal journeys facing battles and making breakthroughs in the disability space. Their highly regarded qualifications, years of industry expertise and personal life experience combined with a holistic approach has created the organisational culture and reputation that Ability Connect is known for today.

When the founder of Ability Connect, Elena was faced with having to support a close family member who had been diagnosed with autism, her successful career as an injury and disability management specialist took a different slant. Being on the inside, as a client for the first time, Elena was faced with the shocking revelation at how limited the availability of information to help families navigate available resources were and she was disappointed at how lacking the options presented were in the end.

She discovered that while many companies profess to help, they fail to really understand the dynamics of the situation, due to never having lived with disability, and therefore deliver inadequate support, direction, or treatment. Other providers seemed more interested in charging huge sums of money for services with limited benefits and these companies often provided staff who lacked the skills or experience, thus falling short of providing the help that was needed.

Thanks to Elena’s career experience in injury management, she was able to source the services that her family member needed to thrive, and throughout this process, she felt determined to help other families navigate the minefield of support options out there. Elena vowed to do something about the injustice and lack of support that she had experienced for herself, so from this place of passion and with more than 17 years of expertise Ability Connect was born.

She left a highly paid position to help others make the most of the support services available to them, whether financial, emotional, educational, or physical, to improve their standard of living and today, Ability Connect has a team who are experienced, qualified, and dedicated to helping you and your loved ones live your most fulfilled life. Each division of the team has its own unique area of specialisation, which covers a range of support options to address more than 600 types of disability classifications.

Ability Connect has a strong network of partners and is continually expanding operations throughout New South Wales and Queensland. The Ability Connect team get to know every individual, their family, and their medical requirements personally and we are committed to making sure that the bar for quality services is raised for those in need while breaking down disability barriers to ensure that people of all ages and abilities have equal access to life’s opportunities.

We have been in your position; we know your battles and we are here to empower you on your individual journey.

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