Elena’s Story

The story behind our Personalised Approach

When Elena’s son was diagnosed with autism, her successful career as an injury and disability management specialist began to take a very different slant.

Suddenly she saw the industry from the perspective of an insider. She was shocked to discover there was, in fact, limited information available for families to help them navigate the resources available to them.

Elena found many companies that professed to help but, because they’d never lived with a disability, failed to really understand her situation and therefore delivered inadequate support, direction or treatment.

Others she encountered seemed more interested in charging huge sums of money for services with limited benefit, or provided staff without adequate skills or experience to help clients achieve their dreams and goals.

Elena knew that without her years of injury management experience, she would never have found the services her son needed to thrive. And she wondered how on earth other families navigated the minefield of support options available to them.

So, she vowed to do something about it – and Ability Connect was born.

Motivated to support and improve the lives of others with a disability and their families, Elena left a highly paid position to help others like her son make the most of the services available to them, whether financial, emotional, educational or physical.

She now uses her combined personal experience, management qualifications and 17 years of industry expertise to steer individuals and families in the right direction to support their goals.

Elena’s clients are not just a number – she gets to know every individual, their family and their medical requirements personally. She is resolutely invested in making sure the bar for quality services is raised for those in need. And she’s passionate about breaking down disability barriers to ensure everyone – from 7 years old to 65 – has equal access to life’s opportunities.

Talk to Elena and the team at Ability Connect today on 02 9885 7090.